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Recover the revenue lost because of ad blocking users

How it works?
  1. Visitors using ad blocker will be detected by our AdsPrevail WordPress plugin* and will be redirected to а clone of your site provided by our service which has the same content as your site but with unblockable ads.
  2. You earn money from the unblockable ads by one of the following ways:
    • Lend us the newly created unblockable ad space (that’s right, we pay you)  Apply
    • Let us manage the ads and share the revenue with you
    • You manually manage the ads (you take all the revenue but you will need some technical skills, spend time and to find advertisers)
*Custom solutions available for non-WordPress sites.
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For site owners

Take our questionnaire to see which plan will be most suitable for you and will earn you the most money.


Renting your new ad space - we pay you (Apply).

Pro plans starting from $15 per month.

Shared plans - you don't pay but share your new ad space with us.

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For advertisers

Reach people that were not exposed to ads because they use ad blocker. Join our ad network and access fresh audiences.

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